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I'm a fellow programmer and computer enthusiast who made this site in PHP, HTML and CSS, hope you like it. The source code of this website is available under the MIT license.

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About Tankernn

Hello, dear guest! I am a swedish computer-enthusiast and hobbyist-programmer, known online by the name of "Tankernn". This is a website I made to use as an online portfolio; here you can download some software I have created, find links to my social media profiles, get in touch with me and so forth. I hope you will enjoy browsing it. Keep in mind that the site is ever-changing and the looks and functionality might change without notice.

I began my programming adventures at the age of 13 years, when I created my very first website. Since then I have expanded my knowledge and I now consider myself fluent in PHP, Java, Visual Basic and JavaScript. My understanding of other languages varies. Although I know the basics of, among others, SQL, Scala, Bash, Python, C, C++ and C#.


How can I contact you?

You can reach me through my E-mail, or by joining my Discord server under the 'Servers' section.

What code languages and libraries have you used?

This site was created using HTML/CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Bootstrap and jQuery.

How greedy are you on a scale from zero to complete sellout?

Greedy enough to ask for free money! My addresses are as follows:

Ethereum: 0x9d2697C53752D1C0bD7D2e8d9B483cE0A22249e9


Litecoin: LTtinrVgeuuciQgmP6L2a3Rzu3oP7DKMzB